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How long does it take?
Our team of artists work as fast as they can, but sometimes we are swamped. We aim to get your hand-drawn portrait out to you within 5 days.
What currency are the LogoPortrait prices ?
All prices on our store are denominated in USD.
How is the portrait sent?
Your portrait will be digital, so it will be emailed to you when it is completed, ready to print or to put on a mug or t-shirt, whatever you decide to do with it.
What if I am not happy with my portrait?
Our artists are incredibly talented and always do a fantastic job; however, sometimes, working from a photo, we miss the essence of person and are always ready to make 3 revisions to fit your needs.
What can I have as my background?
Whatever you want! You just let us know your idea and we will make it happen.
Do pets count as person?
Unfortunately, yes.
Can I do whatever I want with my portrait?
Yes, absolutely. Unlike some, we put no restrictions on your portrait; it is yours to do whatever you want.
What quality should the photo I sent to you be?
The better quality of the photo, the easier it will be for our artists to get more accurate illustration of you on the other side. But do not worry; we will let you know if we are having any issues.
I have a large group I need to do.
No problem. Just drop us an email, and we can discuss large jobs.
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